Nintendo Wii Softmod and Emulators Install

This video shows how to softmod a Nintendo Wii. After the Wii is softmodded by installing the Homebrew channel, we walk through the steps to install homebrew emulators for many of the popular gaming systems.

1) install homebrew channel
	put in mac address
	click 'Cut the blue wire'
	uncompress to SD card
	boot wii with SD card
	read email messages from yesterday
	install homebrew channel

2) Install cIOS

3) Install IOS236 needed for WAD Manager

3) Install WAD Manager
	create SD:\apps\WADManager\ and extract WAD-Manager_v1.7.dol into it
	rename it to boot.dol

Launch gnome-disks
	make a 250 gb FAT partition on the 500 gb hard drive
	copy SD:\apps\ to USB:\apps\
	create USB:\wad\
	Download WBFS Manager
	format the second partition as WBFS with WBFS Manager

4) Install USB Loader GX
	Download latest version and extract apps folder to USB
	Download forwarder and place wad in wad folder in USB
	try launching USB Loader GX from homebrew
	if it launces, install the wad with WAD Manager
	should now launch from the home screen

5) Install FCE Ultra GX (NES Emulator)
	download FCE Ultra GX and the channel installer
	install to apps and wad folder
	try launching from homebrew channel
	if it luanches, install the wad with WAD Manager
	should now launch from home screen
	load roms into fceugx\roms folder
	.zip files of .nes files work for roms

6) Install SNES9XGX (SNES Emulator)
	go to releases
	download latest and channel loader
	copy to hard drive
	launch from homebrew
	install channel loader
	copy roms into snes9xgx\roms folder
	.smc rom files work for roms

7) Install Not64 (N64 Emulator)
	install channel forwarder
	copy roms into not64\roms folder
	.z64 rom files work for roms
	rename \apps\not64\ to \apps\Wii64\ for the channel forwarder to work

8) Install vbagx (gameboy, color and advance emulator)
	download vbagx and channel installer
	copy both to apps folder
	rename apps\vba-gx to apps\vbagx
	install channel loader
	copy roms to \vbagx\roms
	I added folders for each rom set
	\vbagx\roms\GameBoy Color\
	\vbagx\roms\GameBoy Advance\

9) Install Nintendont (Gamecube Emulator)
	download loader.dol, meta.xml and icon.png
	put them in apps/nintendont
	rename loader.dol to boot.dol
	download nintendont channel forwarder
	put in wad folder
	install using WAD Manager
	roms install into \games\ inside a folder with the game name
	rom files should be named game.iso
	if the rom has a 2nd disc, the second file in the same folder should be named disc2.iso
		\games\Medal of Honor Rising Sun\game.iso
		\games\Medal of Honor Rising Sun\disc2.iso

10) Install CleanRip so you can rip gamecube games
	extract to apps folder
	optional: find a channel forwarder
	run from homebrew

11) Install genplus-gx (Sega Emulator)
	add to apps folder
	Download channel installer
	add to wad folder
	install with WAD Manager
	launch genplus-gx to create genplus directory in root of HD
	install roms into \genplus\roms\
	.smd files run as roms	

12) Install Wii2600 (Atari Emulator) -> doesnt read USB
	download this one instead
	Download wii channel forwarder -> looks cool but didnt work
	Download this forwarder
	install roms into \wii2600\roms\
	.bin files work as roms

13) Install WiiSX (PSX Emulator) -> couldnt read usb -> this one works
	Download channel forwarder
	install roms into \wiisx\isos\
	roms should be inside of folders with the games title
	folders can contain .bin/.cue files

14) Install WiiMC (Media Center)
	Download app and channel forwarder