Slim PS2 Softmod with FMCB

This video shows how to softmod a Slim Playstation 2 with Free Memory Card Boot to allow for backups of PS2 games to be stored on and played from a USB hard drive.

PS2 Slim with FMCB (Free Memory Card Boot)
        -install FMCB to a memory card using multi-install
        -see modding Fat PS2 video
        -format USB hard drive as single partition FAT32 disk
        -plug USB hard drive into slim PS2 and boot it
        -launch OPL and enable USB to create the filesystem hierarchy
        -plug the hard drive into a windows machine
        -games less that 4gb can be copied into \DVD\ as .iso files
        -games larger than 4gb must be split into multiple files
        -this is due to FAT32 filesystem restrictions
        -use USBUtil to copy split isos larger than 4gb
        -OPTIONAL: get game art
        -run the .isos through OPL Manager to download the game artwork
        -copy the ART folder contents to the ART folder on the usb drive
        -boot the slim with FMCB memory card and the USB hard drive plugged in