Fat PS2 Softmod with FMCB and FHDB

This video shows how to softmod a Fat Playstation 2 with Free Memory Card Boot and Free Hard Drive Boot to allow for backups of PS2 games to be stored on and played from an internal hard drive.

Free HDBoot (Hard Drive)
        -current version 1.93 "Noobie Package"
        -Download from here:
        -Download HDD Raw Copy Tool from the same website
        -Download WinHIIP 1.7.6
        -extract the 7 gig image from the FHDB package
        -use HDD Raw Copy Tool to install the 7 gig image onto the hard drive
        OPTIONAL - Install OPL Art
        -use WinHIIP to copy game ISOs to the HD
        -plug the HD into the PS2
        -use OPL to load the PS2 iso from the HD
Free MCBoot (Memory Card)
        -FMCB Homepage:
        -uncompress the files onto the thumb drive
        -plug the thumb drive into the ps2
        -launch uLauncherELF and use that to launch the FMCBInstaller.elf from mass:
        -r1 to format mc
        -exit and reboot ps2
        -should now be booted into FMCB
OPL - Open PS2 Loader (Play PS2 iso files)
        GSM - Graphics Synthesizer Mode - allows setting video modes (PAL/NTSC)
        VMC - Virtual Memory Card
        PS2RD - PS2 Remote Debugger - allows cheats to be loaded for ps2 games
        -extract the version you want to a thumb drive
        -start uLaunchELF
        -copy .ELF file from mass:/ to mc0:/BOOT/
        (Optional) copy ART folder from mass:/ to hdd:/+OPL/ART/
        -go to FMCB configurator
        -Load CNF from mc0
        -configure OSDSYS options
        -save CNF to mc0
OPL ART (Optional)
        -install OPL Manager
        -launch OPL Manager
        -Mode Normal
        -pick a folder and have it create the hierarchy
        -dump isos into the DVD folder from the new hierarchy
        -rename bad names
        -get artwork
        -copy ART folder to thumb drive